By Pooja Bhagnari

Tattoos are more popular today than ever. Many people grow to regret having had a tattoo which they
once thought would be loved forever. With time, life and values change, and a tattoo which once had
meaning seems no longer relevant and becomes unwanted — sometimes it just feels wrong!
One in five adults in North America has at least one tattoo and the number is even higher for people under 40. Among those with tattoos, nearly 15 percent have expressed regret with their tattoo.
But don’t worry, there is help!
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Using the best technology   called the Q switched Nd:Yag dual wavelength laser  that are the best suited both dark colored as well as all gentle colors.

With our skills and advanced laser technology you can have the beautiful, flawless, ink-free skin you are dreaming of.

Using the highly effective pigment removal laser to target the ink trapped in the skin the laser breaks
up particles of pigment into tiny pieces that are then absorbed by the body and flushed out by the
lymphatic and immune system. Multiple treatments space 6-8 weeks apart are usually required.

So you didn’t believe your Mom when she said you’d regret getting that tattoo — the multicolored, fire-breathing dragon that starts at the small of your back, reaches up to your shoulder blades. Now, a mere seven years later, you have a shot at a terrific job in banking, still one of the more conservative businesses around, and you are concerned that your symbol of youthful self-expression could create problems.

In th­is article, we’ll examine how new laser tattoo removal techniques are helping people of all ages rid themselves of something that, for a variety of reasons, they no longer want on their bodies. (Falling out of love and wanting a no-longer-special person’s name removed is the most popular reason cited, experts say!)

There are a lot of reasons for possibly wanting a tattoo removed – the positive element of tattoo removal is that you are no longer burdened with a tattoo you seriously regret. If a tattoo is holding you back from getting a job you want or keeps you from attaining goals you have set for yourself, a little pain and scarring may be worth it to you. If you have a gang-related tattoo and are no longer associating yourself with that gang or any gang (good for you!), it would be in your best interests to have it removed. If you have a tattoo that symbolizes hate or prejudice, I hope that you will decide that it is time to let it go. If you are wearing a tattoo of a past love and now you have a new special person in your life, it would be unkind to your new love NOT to get rid of the old tattoo.

 What you need to know

  • Professionally applied tattoos tend to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin at uniform levels. This uniformity allows dermatologic surgeons to use techniques that remove broader areas of inked skin at the same depth.
  • Professional tattoos made with some of the newer inks and pastel colors may be difficult to remove entirely.
  • Removal of homemade tattoos – often applied with an uneven hand – may be more difficult to remove.
  • Newer tattoos often tend to be more difficult to remove than older ones.
  • Complete tattoo removal is not always possible.
  • Some level of scarring or skin color variation is a strong possibility.
  • Tattoo removal is almost always done on an outpatient basis.
  • Laser treatment works differently for all patients, depending on the tattoo. The greater the color contrast between the ink and skin, the easier the removal will be, says Pooja of Forever Young Spa. Black ink on light-skinned people, for example, is the easiest to remove.
  • Smaller tattoos are also easier to remove, as are older tattoos, because the ink is easier to break down. Taking those factors into consideration, patients should expect to undergo five to 12 laser treatment sessions, according to Pooja.. You will need to wait a month between treatments, so expect the process to last six months to a year.

Tattoos are no longer considered permanent and irreversible designs or marks on the skin.

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