Bob Milliken
Bob Milliken

Technology has been at the forefront of business development for decades. However, as technology has begun to advance more rapidly, so too has the need for nearly instantaneous business transformations. Across the globe, enterprises are using technology to enhance productivity, improve innovation, draw closer to customers, and create new business models. While technology advances so too does its complexity, which means that businesses must choose wisely if they want to successfully edge out their competition.

 What technologies are increasing

A recent economic report showed certain technologies are advancing more quickly than others; Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, and mobility were on the rise. Pay close attention to these if you want to enhance job satisfaction, improve productivity levels, reduce inefficiencies, and more effectively “achieve the bottom line,”

 What technologies can help to transform my business?
Transforming your business is a task that should not be approached lightly. In fact, choosing the right technologies is not only a financial decision, but it is also marketing, brand recognition, and company shaping decision. With these high stakes in mind, here are a few must-have technologies that will help your business continue to grow, develop, and achieve industry success.

  1. LaptopAchieving mass growth means using mobile technology: As of the start of 2107 more than six billion people throughout the globe used at least one mobile device. Combine this knowledge with the fact that approximately 56 percent of consumer traffic for the top websites was generated on mobile devices.
  2. Marketing automation technologies should be used to increase efficiencies: Did you know that marketing automation software can be used to more easily conduct marketing activities? Through automation technologies you can increase the efficiency with which you complete your vital marketing tasks. Which leads to enhanced business relationships, higher conversions, and increased sales.
  3. Don’t make your remote workforce feel out of the loop: A recent study showed that by 2022 an estimated 60 percent of office-based workers will regularly work from home rather than making the trek to a designated company office. The increase in the remote workforce means that businesses need to find practical technological solutions to remain connected. Through digital chats, video conferencing, remote communication platforms, and collaboration technologies such as Skype for Business, teams can now complete their tasks from anywhere in the world.

 Your take away
Determining the specific technologies you will use to transform your business will depend on your current and future goals. Regardless of goals, you will also want to ensure that you leverage the power of mobile, automation, and collaboration technologies.

If you think your business is ready to adopt any or all of these three transformative technologies, but would first like some expert advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to qualified professionals for expert consultation.

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