By Deepak Jayakar

Deepak Jayakar
Deepak Jayakar
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, this is a great time to add romantic symbols to the relationship areas of your home and bedroom in particular. Red hearts, chocolates, cupids, beautiful flowers and scented candles – whether received or purchased – are a great way to bring the energy of romance into your life.
Romantic-BedroomWhether you want to bless a new relationship or polish up one that has lost its luster, feng shui can help. If your career or ambition is taking too much of your time and energy away from your marriage, or money worries are interfering with marriage happiness, you need to take feng shui as a tool to deal with these situations and need not allow your marriage to go through rough weather. In the worst scenario, if you do not know how to make adjustments in your house ba-gua, you can always hire a feng shui consultant. The most important corner of your house to focus and emphasize is “South-west”, to ensure that all will go well with your love life, marriage and family. For those who are happy single and desire to be remaining single, Valentine Day is an opportunity to appreciate their friends and family.
The most popular relationship enhancer in feng shui is the pair of Mandarin Ducks. They are recognized as symbol of strong and long-lasting relationships. You can place this figurine in the southwest corner of your bedroom, house or even your office in order to improve your relationship luck.
Another powerful remedy that can improve your relationship is the rose (pink) quartz crystals. Rose quartz, also popularly known as the ‘love stone’ is ideal for love and relationship due to its ability to stimulate passion, energy and confidence. These crystals should also be placed in the Nien Yin (personal relationship) corner or southwest of your room or house. Theses crystals can also be worn as a necklace or bracelet, or by carrying them in your purse or handbag to improve your love prospects.
Marital or romantic happiness is a critical component of a happy, well-lived life. Of course, one of the keys to an effective partnership is having the relationship on solid romantic footing. A good place to start is where it all starts: the bedroom. Feng Shui has stringent rules regarding the bedroom. Fortunately these rules are designed with romance in mind.
Never have large mirrors in the bedroom that either face you each time you lie on the bed or situated above you, reflecting you when you sleep. Mirrors in the bedroom just opposite the bed are very inauspicious feng shui for relationship and suggest the intrusion of a third party coming between them or encouraging them to be unfaithful towards each other.
Never have any water feature or picture of large ocean/lake in the bedroom. Also avoid use of strong blue color in the bedroom. Presence of strong water element in bedroom usually makes relationship unstable and if you are single, will find difficulty attracting love partner.
To secure and enhance your existing love/romance or to attract new love you can always try following tips:
• Place “Laughing Budha” in SW or NE corner to improve relationship luck.
• Display Sign of Double Happiness in SW or in your personal relationship direction.
• Hang clear crystal in NE corner to avoid misunderstanding, arguments, doubts and infidelity in love relationship
• Display picture of red peonies in bedroom or in SW to enhance love, passion, closeness and intimacy in love.
In man’s lifetime, man gets several opportunities for love or marriage – some are stronger than others and some representing a better future than others. These opportunities are part of our heaven luck and what we make of these opportunities depends on our earth luck. It is in this context that feng shui can help in the manifestation of earth luck. If one arranges his or her living environment in such a way as to promote auspicious luck in the area of romance, one will have improved chances of achieving happiness in a relationship or good marriage.
“Feng Shui for Relationship” is a very vast subject, to confine it’s all aspects in this article is impossible. I have tried my level best to deal with most common problems of our modern living.

Good Luck with your NEW feng shui outlook and Many Blessings!!!
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