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Looking to increase the traffic to your website to get more business?

You’re not alone. In the world of online business, increasing website traffic levels is a crucial part of a successful business. The problem is some of these traffic-generating methods cost more than the business you would receive from the extra site visitors.

To get the best value for money and give you sticking power, here are 4 strategies I use to get free traffic to my clients’ websites 

Bob Milliken

Use Email Marketing

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, but please, let’s not forget the power of the humble email. Begin collecting email addresses from potential customers (you should already have email addresses for your existing clients) and put together an email database. Use this collection of email addresses to send regular marketing material and stay front of mind. You can send updates, promotions or even seek feedback from these individuals to continue to improve your operations. 

Use Social Media

Like it or not, we now live in a world where ‘Influencer’ is a genuine occupation title and as businesses, we need to capitalise on the strength of this social media world. Open accounts with the relevant platforms and begin posting relevant content to your target audience. Please use high quality images (look at and always add value. For example, provide information about your industry or run promotions for your followers. Be sure you also include a link to your website or relevant landing page. 


Make sure your website is optimised for search engines. Use the correct keywords, engaging headings, images with captions and links in your content. Review every page to ensure the keywords are relevant and effective. Headings should always include keywords making it instantly clear what the content is about. Remember, the heading and the content must agree otherwise you risk losing your visitor. 

Optimise Your Website

In addition to using SEO, your website needs to be technically optimised. Is it easy to navigate? Are there call to actions on every page directing your visitors to the action you want them to take? Can all pages be viewed on any devices? If your site is not optimised, make it a priority to “fix” the failing issues.


Many business owners take the easy option and buy traffic for their website hoping the trade-off between cost and new sales will justify the means, and in some cases it does.

In this article I have shown you four simple ways to increase traffic without having to spend a dime, and ultimately why you do NOT have to be buying traffic to your site!

Bob Milliken is a master marketer specializing in helping businesses achieve outrageous levels of success. Bob can be reached by phone at 604.270.1730 or by email at